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– In this video, we’re gonna take a look at WeVideo, the online video editing platform, and work out if it’s the best online video editor for you.

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So, let’s jump into it.


Now, there’s a few options out there when it comes to creating and editing your videos online, and there’s a few disadvantages and advantages with each.

In this video, we’re gonnatake a look at WeVideo, and we’re gonna covermy favorite features, and work out whether it’sthe best solution for you, and make sure you stick around to the end, ’cause I’m gonna cover what I think is the most powerful feature in WeVideo, and how you can use it to take your videos up a notch in efficiencyand production right away.

So, starting off with the advantages, or the stuff that I like about it.

As a video editor ingeneral, it’s actually a really, really powerful,really intuitive, really easy to use video application, video editing application.

So, the biggest advantage beyond that is it actually runs in the cloud, or runs in your web browser, so youdon’t actually need to have a powerful computer.

You don’t need to install any software.

All the hard processingor number crunching is all done at their end,because it’s all edited online.

So, that is a huge benefit.

Why Best online video editor ?

So, not only is it an awesome editor, it’s something that you don’t need to have a powerful computer to be able to use.

The flow and advantagesfrom that mean that because it is an onlinecloud based editing solution that you can actually get your team, or your clients, or really anyone involved in the editing process to beable to get quick feedback, and to be able to share project files, and footage, and videoassets really, really easy in a team or larger thanone person environment, so that you can reallyget your videos dialed in and edited efficiently and quickly.

So how the collaboration works is you can either give access to your media files, or your media assets, your video footage, your music and templates,so that they can use those and create videos for you,or you can give them access to your timelines and shareaccess between timelines, or video projects, and workon them collaboratively, which means that theymight start the edit.

You can then jump inand make some changes.

Then it could go backto them for finishing.

So, the whole workflow of being online and sharing project files,and projects themselves, and timelines themselves isa massive, massive feature.

The process of getting yourfootage up into WeVideo for editing is really, really seamless, and really, really powerful, as well.

You can directly import videos from places like DropBox or Google Drive, or Box.

You can actually even import media files from social mediaplatforms like Instagram, and Facebook, as well.

So, they make it really,really easy for you to get your video filesin, but they also make it really, really easy to get your files out after you’ve completed editing or making changes to your videos.

When you’re ready to save out, or to export your video files, you’ve got options for720p, 1080p, and 4K.

That’s the quality of the export.

We can also export directly then to places like Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and evendirect to Facebook, as well, and the beauty of thisis that you don’t need to download your completedvideo file to your computer, and then re-upload it toone of these locations.

As they’re all online services,the files stay online, which means that youdon’t need to download your files and then waitfor them to re-upload to each of these platforms,which is really, really cool.

The next thing that I like about WeVideo that I just touched on therewas it supports 4K videos.

It supports 4K videofiles for you to upload, and edit, right through to export.

So, that’s really cool.

There are some other servicesout there at the moment that will allow 4K upload,but your end video files, you’ll still be cappedat exporting at 1080p.

So, to have access to acomplete end to end solution, full 4K videos right throughfrom import to export, that’s really powerful, and it’s something that’s really amazingthat is done all through the cloud, as well.

The next feature issomething that I think is really, really game changing,especially in this space, and that’s having theability to be able to edit your video files while they’re uploading.

So, you open up WeVideo.

Your importing your footage into your timeline.

You select the videosthat you want to import, or to upload, and they start uploading, and you get direct access to start editing those videos, uses yourlocal versions of those files while they’re uploading.

The moment that the upload has finished, it automatically switchesover in your timeline to use the uploadedversion, which means then that you can pick itup and continue editing on any of your devices, orany of your team members, or anyone that you’ve given access to can keep working onyour project from there.

So, that is an absolutegame changer when it comes to online video editing.

We’ve even tested this outusing 4K, 100 megabit files from a Panasonic GH4, from the camera that I’m using right here,and the upload was quick.

So, obviously we hadgood internet at our end.

Their service were quick.

The whole process wasseamless, and we even put it through it’spaces, and we disconnected the hard drive.

We actually closed WeVideo.

We unplugged the hard drivebefore the upload had finished, and what I thought wasreally powerful then was when I opened upWeVideo, it recognized that the file hadn’t finisheduploading, and it forced me to go and look for thatfile, locate that file so it could continue the upload so that it could be used in the project.

So, it’s the littlethings, but that’s a huge, huge feature that will save a heap of time on the video production process.

So, as you can tell, I’mpretty excited about WeVideo.

I think it is the future of video editing.

It may not have all the features there of something that you’dfind in Adobe Premiere right now, but it doesn’t need it.

It has an awesome offeringto enable you to create some really, really great video content, even in 4K seamlessly using devices, or laptops, or computersthat aren’t as powerful as what you would normally need to be able to edit those files.

It’s really come a longway, and it’s growing fast.

Some of the other reallycool features include really powerful built in effects, and there’s a heap oftransitions in there, as well, but the effects, likethe green screen effect was something that really blew me away.

I’ve been doing a lot ofwork with green screen.

You’ve probably seen a heapof videos on this channel about green screen, butediting green screen videos using WeVideo was something that I thought probably it would do an okay job, and nothing really special.

It actually did a muchbetter job than some much higher paid, more professional, what you would think,editing programs have done.

So, the green screen effect alone was something that really blew me away, but the effects ingeneral, and the way that everything is so intuitive,and so easy to find and navigate, and apply in your videos is something that isdefinitely worth checking out, ’cause I’m sure if you try it you won’t be disappointed with WeVideo.

Now, this definitelyisn’t a paid promotion.

It may seem like it.

I’m pretty pumped on WeVideo, because of where I’ve seen it come from, where it was a couple of years back to where it is now is just awesome, and theinnovation that these guys have, and the amount of featuresthat they’re constantly adding, but it’s not just bells and whistles.

These are features that actuallymake your video production process much, muchquicker, and I will jump to the biggest feature, or the biggest tool that I think is gonna be a game changer with WeVideo moving forward very shortly.

Before I get to that, it’salso really important to note that you can also doscreen capture in WeVideo, directly from your webbrowser, and you can do video recording throughyour webcam, as well.

So, this brings it up in line then with what you can do with software like Screenflow and Camtasia.

So, if you’re gonna be doing videos where you’re gonna be recording your screen, like a presentation, oryou want to talk directly to your computer and toyour audience that way, then this allows you to do it directly from your web browser, as well.

Now, I’m definitely not covering off all the features here in this video.

I’m just looking at thestandout features for me, as someone who likes to edit efficiently, and speed up the editing process.

What are the best tools,the tools that everyone should be looking forwhen they’re testing, and trialing, and usingtheir editing software.

So, there’s a heap of otherthings in there, as well, like important thingsthat you’d expect to find, like to be able to createslow motion versions of your videos, or to slowdown and speed up your clips.

All of that is in there, as well, but the most importantthing to realize here is that typically foran online cloud based editing program likeWeVideo, your internet speed would be the barrier,and I know that we did a video a while back talking about cloud based editing solutions.

You can check out thevideo linked up here now, and the biggest thingis the internet speed.

If your internet speed isn’t good, then your whole editing experience, and getting your filesup into the platform is going to be veryhard, and very restricted and frustrating.

So, I really like thatWeVideo have taken the time to give you alternatives,or to put things in place to help you speed up that process, and remove the pain, andthat’s something that none of the others have done.

So, being able to startediting your video files while they’re uploading isa huge, huge step forward.


I can’t stress this enough.

When I saw that this feature was there, it really makes you consider this for a lot more videoediting projects, as well.

I know in the original video,the one I just linked up, we said that this wouldn’tsuitable for things like documentaries, orlarger form projects, and it was purely basedon the internet speeds, and the amount of timeit would take to get all that content up there,but if you’re able to start working on yourproject while the upload is happening in the background, then it does open it up for largerform projects, as well, especially with the major benefit of being able to collaborateon those larger projects with your team anywhere in the world based on it all being stored in the cloud.

So, that’s something that I’d like to have as an update in there.

I think that’s a really,really powerful feature, and really it’s something that’s yeah.

It blew me away that it was there.

So, those are all thethings that I really, really like about WeVideo.

Actually there’s one more feature that I’m gonna mention in aminute that I also think is a real game changer,and is gonna really improve your video productionprocess, and how your videos look, as well,but as for the things that I think aren’t quite there yet, there’s two of them.

The first is the colorcorrection capabilities.

Now really, if you’refilming everything right, and you got your lightingright, and everything, then the color correctionyou’ll need to do will be minimal.

So, the built in colorcorrection in WeVideo is good, but it’s not great.

You get control over yourbrightness, over your contrast, and your saturation, and your hue, or the actual color,overall color of the image, which is what you would expect to find in basic video editing software.

So, I guess I’m really nitpicking here, but it would be absolutely awesome if there was some more advancedcolor correction tools.

I know that there’s builtin effects, as well, that you can applyfilters, as if you would on Instagram or another social platform, but as for colorcorrection, I think this is the one place that WeVideo is lacking, but it’s not really a big deal.

As I said, most people, these tools would be enough to get great results, but with the rest of thefeatures that you’re seeing in WeVideo now, youactually start to compare WeVideo to higher up,and more professional video editing platforms,like Final Cut, and Premiere, and I think the biggest thing they have that WeVideo is missing,or is on the lacking side a little bit, is the color correction, but the other thing is the playback, and because you are playingback your video files when you’re editing using yourbrowser, and using the cloud, they’re actually generatingwhat’s called a proxy file, or a low resolution file.

Now this all adds to the performance, and makes it quick for you to edit, and makes everything seamless,and work really, really well, but the downside is is that the quality of the preview isn’t there.

So, if you want to get reallyinto the finer details, and really see a truerepresentation of what you’re actually editing,then the video that you’re shown when you’replaying back your video is a much lower quality than what your end result will be.

So, this is all well andgood for most videos, but when you’re applying things like the green screen effect, oryou’re making color adjustments, or adding on any othereffect where you really want to see what itlooks like as the highest quality output, like what the end product is going to look like pixel for pixel, then that’s where I thinkthe WeVideo playback and using proxy filesfalls down a little bit.

Now, there is a way around it.

You can do a preview, oran export of that section to see what it lookslike so that you’re not totally left in the dark until you’ve done your final export, but it would be nice to have some sort of optional control to preview a high quality,or a full quality version of that video at thatpoint, whether it’s just a single frame to makesure that everything is how it looks, or just asmall chunk of your video, then that would beprobably on my wish list for editing in WeVideo, butdefinitely not deal breakers.

Really, seriously, jumpon and give it a go, because I’m sure you’ll be blown away with what you can do.

That fact that you cannow edit 4K video files, and professional videosusing a Chromebook, and using devices that reallyhave not much power in them, is really, really awesome.

Now, in regards to theone feature that I said I’d share with you thatis a real game changer that I haven’t mentionedso far in this video.

It’s a new addition to WeVideo, and it really is a game changer.

It’s something that’sgoing to help you produce videos faster, and have reallyprofessional looking videos, and that’s the new title tool.

Now this is something that on sort of entry level video editing software, I’d stay well clear of, butwhat WeVideo are actually doing, and what they’re buildinghere is something that’s pretty awesome.

You can drop in motiontitles, or animated titles, directly into your projectswithout having to use software like AfterEffects, or Apple Motion to be able to create yours,and then bring it in, and go through all those logistics.

You can actually just drag and drop awesome motion titlegraphics onto your videos directly in WeVideo, and youcan customize them up, as well.

You have the ability to change the colors, move everything around,and really tailor them up for your brand, and this is something that is a new addition toWeVideo, and I think it is the most powerful feature, because titles are something that a lot of people just take for granted, but they’re not in most video editing software.

We’ve got videos on how tocreate them Adobe Premiere, and how to create them in Final Cut, and these are big videosthat take you through step by step how to do it.

I mean, if you’re looking for that, there’s a link up there, but the fact that this is in WeVideo, andit’s how easy it is, and the way that they’ve implemented this, and made it so seamlessand logical to be able to create titles in there,and titles that look good, they’re not those cheesy,really cheap looking titles, these guys have put sometime into researching the ones that people want, theones that people are using, and the level of customization and control that you would want whenyou’re adding titles to your videos.

They’ve also got a video, which we will put a link in the description, showing you how they’ve used this feature to really create some really cool looking videos and titles, just using this title tool in WeVideo.

So, it’s really powerful,and you’ve got the ability to stack titles on top of one another so that you can easily buildthings like checklists, or have your video madecompletely of animated titles.

So, in regards to pricing,you’ve got three options.

There is a free option.

There is a $4.

99 per month power plan, and there’s also a $7.

99per month unlimited plan.

So, this is something that is definitely not gonna break the bank,and when you look at all the features, and thetools that you get access to, it’s really insanely cheap.

So, now that we’ve coveredoff the advantages, and the disadvantages,who is WeVideo good for? Well, I think WeVideo is an awesome online editing application for anyone that’s looking to create videos fast, or is looking to create videos on the go, and be moving around, someone who doesn’t want to spend the money ona huge video editing system, something really, really powerful, and be paying huge monthly subscriptions for software like Adobe Premiere, or paying an outright fee for something like Final Cut.

So, your barrier toentry, and your barrier to creating videos is much, much simpler, and cheaper if you opt forsomething like WeVideo, and you’ve got all thefeatures, and the tools that you’d expect to find inmuch more expensive software.




If you’re gonna be creating videos using really professional cameras, then I don’t think We Video is for you yet,but for everybody else, I’d suggest that you at least get a free account and give it a go, ’cause you’ll probably find that some of the videos you’re creating,

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