Best Video Editing App For Android and iPhone


– I’m gonna show you thebest video editing app, and it doesn’t matter if you’reon an Android of an iPhone, it’s got you covered, andwe’re starting right now.

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I get asked a lot what thebest video editing app is, so I figured, hey, it’s time I put a video together about it.

Not only am I gonnashow you the app itself, but I’m going to give you a crash course on how to actually use it.

Real quick, before we getinto it, if you have an app that you currently useto edit on your phone, leave it down in the comments below, so other people that aregoing to watch this video can check that out too.

The app we’re gonna be using for this is called KineMaster, andthey have a free version, and they have a paid version.

Whichever version you pick,we need to go to the phone for the tutorial, so let’s go.

Now as we get into this,I’m going to go ahead and say that this is availablefor Android and for iPhones, so it doesn’t matterwhich platform you’re on, KineMaster can take care of you.

Now we’re going to get this started with hitting the + button in the middle.

Now you’re gonna see, they’re going to giveyou a project assistant, where they’re basicallydummy proofing it for you to help you put it all together, or we’re going to selectthe Empty Project.

In this situation, becauseI’m trying to mimic what I would do on a computer,so in this situation, I’m going to hit the Empty Project so that I can build itfrom the ground floor up.

Of course, the choice is yours.

Once we have KineMaster open,then we have the actual layout of what’s going on in here,if you look over to the right, you’re gonna see the optionfor the media browser, for the layers, the audio and the voice.

You want to click on Media Browser in order to pull in your video.

For here, I’m going to pull ina video that I have in here.

If you look at the top, it letsyou organize by video files, so I’m going to pull those in, and here I’m going to go aheadand just select something for something that I did on Patreon.

Once I have that in here.

Now you’re gonna seethat I have the options if I click on this track, Ican crop it, I can cut it, I can do different thingswith the speed controls, any of that stuff, I cando it all right over here.

We’re going to start itout with a color filter, so I’m just gonna smackthis color filter on there, just to give it it’sown little look there, and then I’m going hit the check mark to basically finalize that.

The next thing I’m going to do is, I’m going to click on the track again, and let’s say that I want tocut out this part right here, all I have to do is hit the scissors, and it gives you theoption to completely delete everything on the left,or right, or split it, or I can extract the audio, or whatever.

What I’m going to do isI’m going to split it at the playhead, just so I canshow you how easy it is here to just drag and trimwhat’s going on here.

You can actually breakthis down per frame, which is absolutely awesome, because that really lets youdial in exactly what it is that you want your video to look like, which is extremely powerful.

Of course, as you can see, let’s say that I wantto make this second part a little bit lower, like ifis was doing scenery shots, or something like that, I can pull the speed back a little bit, which is also great for the effect.

In addition to that, whereKineMaster really stands out is in this next option here.

Now if you watch a lot ofprofessionally produced videos, you’ll see that they havea lot of different footage on top of each other.

On my videos, for example,you’ll see me talking.

While I’m talking, I’ll have graphics, or I’ll have an image, or another video come up on the screen.

To do that in KineMaster,all you have to do is click on the layer option, and then you can paint ofthe screen, you can add text, you can add an overlay, you can add effects to it, oryou can add additional media.

In this case I’m going toadd the additional media, and I’m going to go into my pictures, and I’m just going to graba picture out of here, and I’m going to scale this up, so that she fits nice andeven in the frame there.

Now what’s really cool about this is, they give you the option here, for the in and out animations, as well as the overall animations.

I’m gonna click on the In Animation, and I’m gonna have her dropdown from the top, right? When it comes down it’s alittle bit more interesting than just having an imagepop up on the screen.

Then I’m going to go to the Out Animation, and for here, I’m just going to have it slide to the right little bit.

Again, with this being fully customizable, you can even adjust the speed of the fade, as that transition takes place, which is also extremely powerful.

Let’s say that in this situation, like what I just didthere, where I closed it.

It’s a little bit off screendown there at the bottom, but I want to make sure that I select it, so I can tap down there at the bottom to try to select it, or over on the left, they actually give me a track view.

I can just click on that track view, and it will show me.

I click on this to turn that littlepreview window on and off, but it basically will show mewhat it is that I’m seeing, so I can basically editthings with my track.

In the event that let’ssay this wasn’t lined up perfectly where I want it,then I can just click on it, hold it down, scoot itinto a different position, and then now it’s goingto be in a better place where I want it, because it’sactually going to cover up that cut that I maderight up there at the top that you can see.

In order to get out ofthis, all you have to do is you have to click on thattrack option button again, and then you’ll see it withthe bigger preview window.

Now another thing that’s really cool, is they also have in here, like you saw that I added to mine, is I can go down here and I can crop this, I can choose the opacity on it, I can do specific color adjustment, or I can come in here and I can grab any of the premade filters, just to make everything looka little bit more richer, to have a little bit of a style to it, which is also a huge bonus.

Another thing we’re going todo to take this whole thing up a little bit more.

Say we want to add textfloating across the screen, what I would do is I wouldclick on the layer option here, and I would click on text, and then I’m going tojust do some text here.

Just gonna put, “Editing.

” I’m gonna put that up on the screen.

Now I’m going to make this bigger, so it kind of fills upthe whole screen there, or almost the whole screen.

Then I’m going to click here, and I’m going to click a font that looks similar toany of my branding stuff.

This is probably theclosest that I’m gonna get, so I’m gonna click on that.

Then as you can see, nowI can kind of adjust this to however I want it to be on the screen.

Now what’s really cool, ifyou want to take this up a whole other level, is Ican actually go in here, and I can take the opacity down, and make it to where Ican still see through, but it’s not totally obstructing my image, which is really, really cool.

Let’s say I want to scalethat down a little bit, and kind of put it down here,just to get out of the way for whatever reason, andthen I have that as well, but you have the full freedom to move all of thisstuff anywhere you want.

Like I said, when yougo to that track view, now you can see that, thatediting option is also up here, that editing text option.

If I want that to come in atthe beginning of her clip, then I would just take that,and then I would scoot it over, and then that would also come in at the beginning of her clip.

If I want to take that alsowhere I want it to animate when it comes in, then Iwould do the same exact thing, to where I’m going tohave this one pop in, and them I’m going tohave it on its way out, I’m going to have it slide down.

It just adds a little bitof style to what it is that’s going on with everything that’s happening on the screen.

Once you have everythingset up how you want it.

You have your video fully edited, you do have the option as well.

Let’s say you want toadd your voice to this.

Let’s say there’s a part ofthe video that you don’t like, and you just want to do a voiceover, or you just have a bunch ofclips you want to talk about, hey this is the vacation I took.

These are the things that Iwas doing during the vacation.

All you have to do is youclick on the voice option, and then you can hit start.

What’s going to happen is it’s gonna let you record your voice.

Now I have a video thatI’m gonna put a card to at the top of the screen onhow to get the best audio into you phone, and theway that you do that, is through the review that used for that, is through a product calledThe Road Video Mike Me.

This thing is amazingfor audio on a phone, for doing voiceovers and stuff like that.

I’ll put a link to that downin the description below, but it is an awesome littlemicrophone, super small.

It plugs right into yourphone, and it’s ready to go.

Now once you have everything set up to where you want it tosay, hey, you know what, I’m wanna save this, or Iwanna send it to YouTube, or whatever.

All you have to do isclick on the share button.

Here you can save itto your video gallery.

You can upload it toYouTube, Facebook, Google +, drop it right in the Dropbox folder, or a bunch of other options if you click the three dots right there.

One thing that I do wanna point out here that’s very important is if you look up at the top right here ofthe actual preview screen, you’re gonna see a Watermark with the little trash can next to it.

Now the free version ofKineMaster is going to export this with a watermark.

In order to get thatwatermark off of there, you’re gonna have to actually click on that trash can button, and you’re gonna have toactually purchase KineMaster.

It’s worth it.

It’s only five bucks.

Right here, this currency’sdisplayed in Thai baht, which is my local currency, but 158 Thai baht isroughly five U.


dollars, and the 1200 baht it roughlyabout 30 U.


dollars for the whole year.

You have that option,and it’s totally worth it if you are somebody that says, hey, you know what, either one, I’m trying to edit the videos on my phone, and I want something that works, that will mimic what Ican do on a computer.

If you say, hey you knowwhat, I wanna just make some social media clips from my phone, that I can kind of edittogether while I’m at work, or while I’m on the go,or something like that, then this is also anothergreat tool that you can use, basically so you can createthat additional content while you are on the run.

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Thank you so much for watching.

I’ll see you next time.