Easy VSL 3 Review

I’m not gonna show you my ugly mug today in the video because I’m still goingthrough root canal treatment in one of my teeth.

Doesn’t hurt so much, but it’s a little bit swollen and just taking forever to really get done.

So rather than have my ugly face with a swollen right sideat one point in the video, I’m just gonna get straight to it.

Now what you’re looking at right now is my review copy of EasyVSL version 3.

Now I’m a user, a paiduser, of version two.

And because of that, whenI got my review copy, it imported some of my datafrom the previous product.

So VSL stands for video sales letter, and I’m sure you’ve seenthem and know what they are, but if you don’t, whenever you go to buy a product in any niche, the largemajority of these products will have a video that auto plays, and it will have somescreens and some words and a voice that’s talking.

It talks you through the product and tries to get you to buy the product.

92% of all the top clip band products utilize video sales letters because they work.

Now you personally may not like them, but they do work.

That’s a fact, so if you haveany of your own products, if you’re consideringhaving your own products, then you need to have a way ofcreating video sales letters.

And they’re expensive, really expensive, to outsource to anyone that’s any good.

I mean, you can outsourceto somebody that’s crap, but if you wanna outsource to somebody that’s good, they’re expensive.

Plus if you start doing thistwo or three four times, you realize that ifyou have something like Easy Video Sales Letter, this software, it’s actually easy to create.

I mean this software is super super easy, very very slick, niceinterfaces you can see works in a MAC or a PC.

It’s Adobe software, it’sjust super easy to use.

So why do I like, apartfrom the ease of use, I just like this because it saves me time, it saves me money, and I can also use this to create videos forclients, for customers who aren’t aware that this exists.

And I can also use this tocreate videos for YouTube.

What you can do is, you can go and grab an articlefrom a blog or a website, that you own or that you don’t own, and you can copy and paste it in here, and then you can turn it intoa very sexy looking video, and then drive traffic through a related affiliate offer, a CPA offer, an opt-in, your own website, doesn’t really matter,whatever you wanna do.

So what happens is you’llclick here on New VSL, and let’s just say you’recopying an article.

I’m only gonna get a little bit of text just to show you how easy it is.

And you don’t have to copy it, of course, you can just type it manually.

But let’s just kinda grab all that, and then come over here, and we’ll paste text.

We’ll give it a title, DemoABC.

We can choose different styles.

I’m gonna just use theclassic style for now.

And click OK.

I can choose a background,so whatever I want.

Maybe I’ll choose this rock one.

Bring this across so you can see it.

Here, this is a little Next button.

Bring this back.

Just drag that across, then I’m gonna paste my text in here, okay.

Now what you wanna do,you can kind of make this readable and so on and so forth.

But every time you wanta new slide to appear, you gotta hit control and enter.

So I’m gonna hit control and enter.

And this little red mark means that these are where theslides are gonna appear.

Now you can come back and edit this stuff whenever you want, but just for now, we’ll do that, bing bing bing,bing bing bing, done, okay.

Drag this across a littlebit, click on Next, and now you can just makesure that this is okay.

If you’ve got it wrong,you can kind of, you know, copy this, delete it, paste it in here.

Okay, and you can play around with this.

And if you’ve made a mistake,you can delete stuff as well, and you can start again.

And you can add an extra bit, so you never gotta really worry about things being, let’smake this a bit smaller so you can see it.

You’ve not gotta reallyworry about making mistakes, so that’s kinda cool.

Let’s just bring that in, okay.

So I’m happy with thisnow, so I’m gonna hit Next.

And you can see, it pops up here.

And I can click on differentslides if I want to, and I can kinda go through and edit, and I can just double click here, and I could delete a word.

I could, you know, bolden.

I could make that a different size.

You can just play around with it.

You can import imagesand so on and so forth.

And then you go onto your next slide and your next one, your nextone, until you’re ready.

And when you think, okay, that looks good, you hit Next, and you can save this of course as you go along.

Then what you can do here,and I’ve not got this ready, but I can, you can record an audio.

So you can just read this out loud, or of course pay somebody else to do it, and record it on MP3.

Audacity is a great free tool for you to use.

Once your MP3’s in your computer, you just add the audio, you click it, you import the audio.

And then, it’s just acase of hitting Play, and when the voice kindof finishes reading through this particularthing, you just hit Stop.

You click on the next one,and you hit Play again, and you go through and it’s really easy.

And then it syncs it, takesa few minutes to sync.

Then you can add somemetadata if you want, download it to yourcomputer, or you can put it straight onto YouTube or Vimeo,whatever platform you want.

I create video salesletters for my products, any one’s I’m involved in with this.

But I also create videosfor YouTube as well for my niche site, so I’ll have a blog, I’ll take part of that blog.

I’ll copy it, I’ll put it in here, spend five minutes making a little video, and then find that it’s just good to go.

And this is such a cool software.

And it just saves so much time, and it looks good, it looks professional.

So many of these othersoftwares you can play around with for ages and theyjust don’t look the part.

This is really really cool.

So I can’t take you throughthe sales page right now because it’s not ready yet.

But there’s tons of things that you’ve got on EasyVSL Three that VSL Two didn’t have.

You can insert existing video clips.

You’ve got a bunch of languages.

I think there are 20 or 30 different languages you can use, you know French, Russian, German are advertised here, but here’s a lot more to that.

They do have thespeech-to-text video creation.

Again, if English isn’tyour first language, that might be a good concept.

If English is your first language, you won’t need it.

You can do the built-in audio recording with the new version.

With the old version,you’ve got the Audacity.

When I was giving you my demo,I chose the classic version.

One-click video syndication,so again, bingo, you’re getting a lit bit of juice and a little bit of exposureto your videos already.

Tons of stuff, you can export your slides, which is great, and thenyou can share your slides on a slide sharing sitesand get a little bit of traffic back to your video as well.

Lots of cool stuff, I’ve not got time to go through everything, and I’m still learning VSL Three as well, so I’ve not used every function.

EasyVSL has been around for a long time.

These guys are constantly updating, fixing stuff, improving stuff, they stand behind their products.

I’ve got a good kind ofrelationship with them.

Matt Caron, he’s been very friendly when he’s been emailing me, giving meinformation about this product.

So to me, it’s definitelysomething you should consider.

Now, I’m actually gonna goback because I’ve created my actual main text review.

I’m gonna embed this video review later on today.

But as we kinda comedown, I wanna show you my bonuses for EasyVSL Three.

So let me click on this, and I’ll bring you down to the bottom.

And I just wanna bring your attention to a couple of things with regards to the bonuses.


I’m also gonna show you my arbitrage monetization method, so you can actually use EasyVSL to make money very very quickly.

You do have to take action of course, and I might even throw in a few little ranking bonuses as well, so that you know how to get your EasyVSL videos ranked, if you wanna create videos for YouTube.

Obviously, that’s not necessary for video sales letters.


And it’s just a great great software.

So click on the link, grab EasyVSL 3.


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