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Welcome, welcome, and we are live coming to you from sunny San Diego.

I’m just trying to adjust my mic, so you don’t see a whole part of it there.

You know, but that doesn’t matter.

That’s not to worry.

So, hi, greetings, good to see you here.

All right, so here’s what we’re going to do.

I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen in a moment and I’ve got some slides to teach you some wonderful stats and facts, and just had Facebook’s Q22017 earnings call yesterday so I’ve got a few nuggetsto share from that, things that you shouldbe paying attention to as a business person.

And then I’m also goingto walk you through a demo of a wonderful video creation tool called Wave, Wave video app, okay? So with that, let’s do this, I’m gonna go like that, share that, yep, that works like that.

Now then, I think I need to place my video down in the bottom.

Yeah, I’m gonna go likethis, share my screen.

I need to move myself down there, right? There you go, Mari on top of Mari.

Greetings and welcome.

We are gonna talk about creation.

So there’s a three partseries that I’m doing together with Wave, Wave video app.

In this part one iscalled Getting Started.

It’s really getting started.

Now, many of you might bealready super advanced, might be using other tools or perhaps you’re really kind of stuck and you don’t know where to start.

So I know we have a vastrange of folks tuning in and wherever you’re at is just fine.

This is gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of value for you.

So super appreciate you tuning in.

I’m just looking over atmy other screen there.

I’ve got another big monitor to make sure we’re comingthrough loud and clear.

Make sure, yep, and we always make sure the audio’s doingwell and stuff like that.

Coming through loud and clear, see that, boom shakalaka, love it, here we go.

Alright, why video on Facebook? Actually, when I’m doing this, I’m gonna go back to my little guy here and I put myself up there now so I’m not on top of the visuals.

I designed the slidespurposefully like that.

Why video on Facebook? Alright, I might be preaching to the choir as many of you are alreadyfully sold on video, you know you should be doing it but maybe you need alittle bit more insights into what’s possible.

So Facebook is definitelyputting huge emphasis on video.

Again, you probably already know that but what is happeningvery, very soon, actually, they’ve been saying the end of summer, it was supposed to bethe beginning of summer, here we are mid summer but toward the end of summer, Facebook’s gonna bebringing now about a dozen made-for-television productionquality, professional, they’ve paid apparently up to three million dollars an episode for some of these shows,it’s quite extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to seeingwhat they came out with.

They are basically gonna be competing with the likes of AmazonPrime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube.

So it’s really interesting to see where all this is going.

Facebook really wants to beyour choice for television in the coming years, months and years.

And so for you as abusiness person, a marketer, potential advertiser, what is coming slowly, on the call yesterday,the Q2 earnings call, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO andMark Zuckerberg, the CEO, of Facebook, both reiterated a few times that they’re not in any hurry to like really push out, two main things was Messenger ads, was talked a lot about as well as mid rollers, sometimes they’re calledad breaks or mid roll.

And that is when you’re watching a video and all of a sudden an ad comes in.

That’s what Facebook’s testing slowly and we’ll see, because as you know, with television, when you’re watchingmaybe a 50 minute episode, you’re gonna be, is it 18 minutes? So what you can do is have your own show.

You can go live, you can create video, a big part what we’re gonna talk today of how to create videosusing the Wave video app, that can obviously beused as uploaded video and/or you could broadcast those videos using live tools if you wanted to.

Now then, the rise of mobile.

Over half of video contentis viewed on mobile.

Oh, what’s another stat? I don’t think I have these on the slides but some 40%, over 40% of video views come from shares.

So that’s the magic right there.

If you’ve ever seen any ofmy presentations before, I always talk about theimportance of creating content that’s highly shareable, that’s valuable or it’sfunny, it’s entertaining, it’s educational, it’s on point, if you will, it’s relevant, it’s timely and people are like,oh, that’s really great, my audience would likethat and they hit share.

Or as Facebook called it for a long time is thumb stopping, giving so many users accesson their mobile device.

So folks, if you’ve just joined us, this is Mari Smith coming to you live from sunny San Diego and I will happily answer your questions towards the end here.

I have quite a bit to cover here.

Oh, I just saw a comment there, yeah, Grace makes a comment about the mid video ads.

I know, it’s gonna take awhile for all of us to evenremotely get used to ads in the middle of videos on Facebook.

We’re kind of used to it on television but we’ll see.

So onwards we go with therest of the slides here.

What else do I have for you? So video stats and facts.

Now then, watch this.

Anybody here who does presentations, if you create PowerPoint or key note, notice what I’ve done here.

I have a slide for you.

Now obviously, there’s animation because I’ve kept myselfpicture in picture with my video camera up in the top right but I also have a looping video on screen, just a real simple one, it’s just somebody with blue nail polish, kind of Facebook blue, and she’s going through a phone.

I got my little logo up here and then I have it comesin, it says video stats.

So because movement catches the eye, visuals catch the eye, I love to do just little short videos for embedding into slides and this is one I made in the Wave app and you’ll see how to do that momentarily.

So of course, 90% of information is transmitted to the brain as visual.

You know that saying, apicture says a thousand words? Well maybe even a videosays a billion words.

Visuals are processed 60,000times faster in the brain than text.

It’s quite extraordinary.

And this is another amazing stat.

I’ve seen many, manystats out there like this.

This is specific to executives, a stat by Forbes, that 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.

It’s funny, I do believe that there’s kind of twocamps of folks out there.

I don’t know where you guys lie.

Feel free to pop a commentbelow and let me know.

If you were given the choice, let’s say it was kind of side by side or it was like a video at the top and kind of the highlights down below, would your preference as a brain be to skip the video or maybe let it play butstill read the bullets? I know for me, I’m a skimmer,I like to read bullets but then I also like to play video.

So given the choice, I’d probably go with the text.

So I think it’s always interesting, first I mean.

I like video in my feedbecause it catches the eye, it stops the thumb.

But it’s just always interesting.

Pop your answers below.

I’m gonna read them after and I’m just curious to see, yeah, what you guys are saying, yeah, some of you are saying I do both, I do both depending, it depends.


If it’s a 15 minute video or you can take 60 secondsto skim the highlights, it’s about time too but convenience.

So we’ll talk about thatin a moment here too about length of video.

It’s really importantto think about length.

This is a second slide.

I did the same video on it but I got two more bullets here for you and two more stats.

I thought this was fabulous.

And really, I think they’re, oh, I don’t know what they are, they’re a video company, videoagency stats and metrics, enjoyment of video ads increasespurchase intent by 97%.

I love that.

Can you believe that? Holy moly, purchase intent by 97% and brand associationby more than 100%, 139%.

That’s amazing.

That’s an argument right there, that one bullet alone to do more video.

But watch this in contrast, our friends at Buffer, 43% of marketers said thatthey’d create more video content if there were no obstacleslike time, resources and budget.

That’s a thing that holds all of us back from creating more video content, from doing more lives, all kinds of just issues of thinking about well, time,oh, I have to get it right, what about branding, logos, colors, what am I gonna say? It’s just easier to write a blog post.

That’s what we’ve been doing for years.

But the good news is with thisreally cool video app Wave, I’m gonna show you how super, duper easy, unbelievably easy and quick it is to create beautiful videoswith professional quality.

So what do we have for you here? A stat by Zuck yesterday.

Now then, some of youmight have already tuned in to the Q2 earnings call.

I love listening into it.

They have their preparedremarks, very short, maybe takes up about 15, 20 minutes max between Zuck, Sheryl andthen Dave Wehner, the CFO and then they get into the Q and A and I always love the Q and A ’cause you learn a lot fromwhat’s happening there.

Excuse me.

And there was a lot of questions about monetizing Messenger and about putting ads in Messenger and how the users would get used to that, how they would respond.

And Zuck really emphasized that video would be a much bigger driver, he said of what we’ll do, and he was specifically talkingabout revenue generation and monetization and really just their focus.

‘Cause as I’ve said or many of you know that for the past year,Facebook has been saying that they’re going to”run out” of ad inventory in the news feed now, this issummer, summer of this year.

So they’re looking for more ways to create spaces for ads.

And one way is video.

And they have a dedicated video news feed and then they can put video ads and then the ad breaks and then Messenger and WhatsAppare down the road a bit.

Let’s talk about some tipsfor Facebook and Instagram.

And Instagram, I wantyou to really be thinking any time you’re creating video, if you’re planning toput some budget behind it and promote it, then it’s best to create for both.

So what that means is you’re gonna optimize for mobile.

Because of course,Instagram is mobile only.

I know you can look at it andinteract with it on desktop but most people are gonna justinteract with the mobile app.

And so Facebook is recommending, they updated their adcreative not long ago that you want to create videosthat are square and portrait.

So that’s full, tall and square are both awesome for mobile, for both Facebook and Instagram.

There are studies out there that show that squareactually performs better.

This stat I got from Laundry Service.

They’re an agency.

People are 67% more likely to watch a square video to completion than they are to watch a horizontal one which I thought was amazing.

Now, it actually takesup more screen space.

This is a little example,this screen shot here.

I popped this in here.

This guy, he has, I’mforgetting his name right now but hello to you Mr.

IPhone photography school.

You can see the littlesponsor label there.

And I have been really impressed, at least I think you can, oh, my camera’s over the top of it, let me move it.

Move my camera, that should be better.

I really like this guy.

He does the square and he does his own style of captions where it’s just kind of agray transparent background and then the white, the big font, really nicely done and he gives 15 minute which is flying in the face of short, right Facebook says short for ads but you can experiment and if you want to do longer.

Now obviously, he’s done some editing but this is talking to cameras.

Not quite the same ascreating a video with an app we’re gonna talk about today.

But anyway, I though itwas a great example to use, I like him.

Let’s see, now then, movemy camera back over here.

A lovely quote by Sheryl yesterday.

She is absolutely recommending that we focus on short-formsnackable content.

I love that work snackable.

It’s very Snapchat-esque isn’t it? Six, seven seconds, maybe10 seconds, 15 at the most but interestingly enoughon yesterday’s call, Sheryl gave an example of Tropicana and she said that they tested six secondversus 15 second videos and the six second videoswon out, they did better.

I just grabbed some screenshots of their videos.

This is on Tropicana’s videotab on their Facebook page and look at these lengths of these videos, 16 seconds, 11, six, there’s the six one, 16, seven.

I see some of them are form last year, quite a lot of them from last year with over a million views.

I can tell the ones they put budget behind because they got over a million views otherwise they’re in kind of the tens or the hundreds of thousands.

And of course, there’s dark posts too.

We can’t see the ones thatthey’ve done as dark posts.

So those are ads.

But that’s really good news.

Again, going back to that buffer quote, it’s not about making it super high end and super well produced and well edited and super polished.

It’s short and simple and as Sheryl says, snackable, which I love.

Elements of effective video and then we’ll get into thelovely demo of the Wave app.

Now then, captures attention immediately.

And these are facts and stats gleaned from over the last couple years from Facebook themselves and people like Mary Meeker, she does the annual internet trends.

Love her, she’s great,great person to follow.

Evokes emotion.

So there’s a reason Facebook brought out all those reactions.

You want people to be able togive a love, a like or a love or a ha ha or a wow.

And the love, by the way, the heart, is the most used emoji or reaction.

Having it be personable and relatable.

If possible designed for sound off.

And again, we’ll show you in the Wave app where you can easily add text overlay.

So that means a text overlay or captions.

For example, when I’m finished, let’s take that off for a second, when I’m finished thisvideo today, this live, I will pop back in and I’mgonna add some captions.

Facebook has its ownautomated caption generator or sometimes what I do is I go back in and I download the whole video and then I upload it to YouTube and then I go over to rev.

Com, r-e-v.

Com, they’re great in captions and you can download the caption file and add it to Facebook.

Or you could just typea couple of lines in, at least its got captionsin the beginning.

I wanted to use thisgreat video as an example.

It’s also another square one.

You’ll see these done a lot as ads where it’s actually a landscape video but then there’s a bar atthe top and the bottom, you probably see those a lot, so those are square videos and this is really short looping video.

My good friend hereNatalie, Natalie Ledwell, she’s the founder of Mind Movies and I thought it was a really well done, the last time I looked at itit had like millions of views.

Of course, it’s a shortvideo and it loops.

Thank you Joey for posting the Rev, you guys are awesome.

So that’s a great, great example, short, simple and she drivespeople to a 30 second quiz.

If we have time later, I might be able to demo that.

But anyway, moving along, so let’s do this, here’s where people get stuck.

They go to a video tool, they’re gonna create some video and then they’re like, okay, wait, what do I want to say? What is this video about? Where should I send people? In fact, that would be good if you were having those thoughts and feelings and questions.

You might go and you startgoing down a rabbit hole and you’re like, ooh,that’s a nice picture and oh, I could add this video clip.

I’m guilty of doing that.

I’m gonna show you an example of a really fun Facebookcover, Facebook cover video that I created usingthe Wave app, too fun.

But anyway, it’s really important that you give some thought, you can create a checklist like this.

So you’re starting with the end in mind, like what is the purpose of the video? What’s your call to action? What action do you want people to take when they finish watching your video? When you put budget behind your video, if you upload it and thenyou’re gonna turn it into an ad using Ads Manager, what will the call to action button say? Keep that in mind evenbefore you create it.

You ultimately want yourvideo to drive business.

I love that Facebook has finally kind ofturned the corner on this and yesterday on the Q2 earnings call, Sheryl mentioned proxy metrics.

Proxy metrics being thingslike reach and views and even engagement.

Anything that, it’smeasurable and it’s great and it’s an importantcomponent but it’s not, the ultimate measurement has to be, did you collect more leads and did you make money, did you sell? And the example she gavewas like did you see an ad and you go and buy a truck? Did you see an ad andyou go and buy Starbucks? So it has to drive business.

So that’s what you keep in mind when you’re making your video.

Who’s your video for, what’s the audience? You have to know youraudience well of course.

What’s the main themeor topic of the video? What length are you aiming for? That’s an important one ’cause you’re gonna see in amoment when I demo this app, you’ll be like, oh my gosh, there’s so many things I couldadd in here, how exciting, and then you’re like, ah, too long, now it’s 27 minutes and I only meant it to be 15 seconds.

And you have your brand elements.

So your colors, your logo and your fonts.

And then then where willyou share your video? ‘Cause if you’re gonna shareyour video on Instagram, it’s gotta be square, ideally, it doesn’t have to be square, it could be landscape but I would do square.

People are just so usedto square on Instagram.

You can do landscape.

And then it has to be under 60 seconds.

That’s the thing with Instagram though, it’s got to be a minute orless, 60 seconds or under, if you’re gonna shareon Instagram as well.

So that’s just kind ofa checklist for you guys before you get started.

So live demo of the Wave app.

My God it is hot today.

Hot sunny San Diego,time to put the AC on.

Now then, watch this friends.

I’m gonna actually go over tothe Wave app in a moment here, on my computer here, on my desktop.

But I wanted to showyou something super cool ’cause this is likejust the top screen shot of when you first log into the Wave app.

And by the way, you cansee I’ve got down here, you can find them on Facebookor Twitter @wavevideoapp or they are actually, the Wave is created by acompany called Animatron, they’re actually an animationapp, animatron.


And watch this, landscape, square, mobile, Facebook cover and standard four by three.

I got my green line around that so you think, oh mygosh, that’s five in one but watch this, look atthese three wee dots.

What does that mean? If I click that, you drop down and you have one more format in here, Instagram Stories even.

So you’ve got six, six different versions of the same video that you’regonna create simultaneously.

And then you can decide, go into your square and kindof adjust how it’s looking, download that, there’s my square forFacebook and Instagram, maybe you think, you know what, now that’s turned out so well, I’m gonna make a Facebookcover version of it, adjust it a little bit, there you go.

This is super easy to use.

There, I got the url therefor you, so animatron, animatron.


Alright, so step by step.

I’ll show you the step by step and then off we go into the app, super duper easy.

You’re gonna first choose your media, video and images and audio, audio I always add last but you could upload your own audio.

And all of this, by theway, is royalty free.

It’s a really cool app in so far as it gives you access to about over two millionroyalty free assets.

It’s pretty amazing.

So video clips and images, it could be your own or you’re gonna choose,it’s 2.

5, there you go, from the ones that Wave gives you as part of the account.

You can add text overlay of course, which you definitely want to do.

In fact, you cannot download.

If you’ve tried to just make a video with a bunch of video clips, you can’t download ituntil you put text overlay which makes sense ’causeyou don’t want to just be taking the video clips.

And then to upload, you do this ahead oftime, your brand elements, you can set fonts, colors, logos and even a watermark.

So that goes throughout your whole video.

Really nicely done, that’ll be your own.

So this is a great tool also for agencies or if you’re a social mediaconsultant, professional, a person who is in the business of offering done for yousocial media content, perfect tool for that.

You can crank out a bunchof videos super easy with all of thesedifferent brand elements.

So I think I’m gonna come back to that, let me do this, I’m gonna go over tomy Wave app like this.

Actually, I’ll just pull up a fresh screen ’cause I’ve got a few different ones open.

There we go.

So once you go in, actually for this one I will show it ’cause it’s on the screen right now.

You see this landing page video? This is what’s calleda landing page video.

This was made in Wave, of course, and that’s what you’ll seewhen you first go there.

If I go back to my other slide, that’s what I was gonna tell you about.

It’s actually made in the same format as a Facebook cover video.

So let’s say you makea Facebook cover video and then you can also useit as a landing page video.

So I’ve got Wave as an example there and I’ve also got this,I think they’re French, a French agency called smartandsmooth.


What a fun name, watchthis smartandsmooth.

Com, there they go.

Okay, so this video, you should be able tosee top of your screen, it’s coming any second, whoopsies.

Oh, you know what, I wonder if I’ve got, oh, because I have to translate and then it goes like that, let me take that off.

I think I have to go like this and shorten my screen.

It’s too wide, there it goes.

Wouldn’t normally look at it that wide.

But yeah, see all these beautiful video clips and the text, obviously it’s in French agency digital.

So anyway, that’s just an example.

And then of this, I wantedto give you this stat.

Check this out from Wistia.

People spend on average2.

6 times more time on pages with video than without.

So another good argumentfor including video on your landing pages.

Alright, so I’m gonna go over here, I’m gonna go Create Video, super duper easy.

Let me move our littleguy up there, there we go.

Please wait.

Okay, so first you come to this and you’re going to startout by adding your media, either uploading your own or choosing from videoclips or photo images.

However, let’s even go before that.

You want to go in uphere at the top right, you’ve got your brands.

So you can go with a default which is just everything that Wave offers.

You’ll see I’ve got myown Mari Smith brand there but you can go into Manage Brands and then here’s where, let’s see up here, I’m gonna go New Brand and I’m gonna choosefrom 300 Google fonts.

You can search for them or just whatever you want like that, add them and then let’s say I also like, I don’t know just making some up for now.

Let’s say I want allof those, yep, perfect.

Then go back, there Igot my fonts, colors, easy peasy, I want this to be green.

Oop, not that green.

Then you’re like, okay,what kind of green? Let’s just use the little sliders.

Of course you can type in the hex codes.

You probably should definitely do that, you know your hex codes ofwhat you’re working with.

I’m just gonna make it up.

But especially those of you, if you’re creating professional videos as a service for other folks, than you would know the hex codes or the RGB, whatever they’re called, RGBA.

And then you can create numerous.

You can add different swatchesand so on and so forth.

And then the third step here is uploading your logo.

So you just go here and you’re gonna uploadit from your computer.

So I’m not gonna do that right now ’cause I’ve got my own brand up here.

I’ll show you what that looks like.

So I like Raleway, I like that font a lot and then there are mydifferent color swatches.

Then my logo, as you’ll see, I got my little M there but then I also, youcan’t read it right there but I have it, it’s a call to action that saysVisit marismith.


So that’s just a littlecall to action I could do.

It could be your phone number, whatever you want as a watermark.

Okay, so here we go.

Let’s say you have, let’s say you’re a personal trainer.

I actually think that’s one ofthe Animatron Wave examples.

So I’m just gonna typein something generic.

I’m gonna go Fitness, I’m gonna start out with a video clip.

You’ll see there’s so many here.

Now, the cool thing is depending on the plan, you can go and you can check it out, they’ve got different pricinglevels, different levels.

But everything that hasthe zero, the red zero, that’s included in your plan, included in your plan, there’s a lot, there’s tons and tons.

So let’s say, okay, I like this girl doing some crazy move here.

And as you hover over, it’s really cool ’causeas you hover over it, it actually starts to move.

You’re doing one about running.

Let’s do this girl here.

So we go that, Cross Squat Thrusts.

Oh my gosh, I’m out ofbreath just watching her.

Now, what’s cool is it’s automatic.

‘Cause I’m in my brand, it’s automatically broughtme my color scheme, I’ve got that transparent background and so on and so forth.

Now I can actually just go in here and I can stretch or drag or drop that as long or as short as I want.

I’m gonna add in my message here, new challenge, actually my friends at Beach Body, they often do 30 day challenges or something like that,new 30-day challenge.

And so I might want todo something like that, you could add a second text right here, open now.

Now, I could also, oh yeah, I think I want to do my, yeah, I see what I’m doing.

Oh, I know why because I’ve, there good, I knew I had a highlight font.

Good, so then you cango with the text size, smaller, bigger, whatever and then you could position it here.

You can also grab withthis nifty little thing.

Watch this.

So it’s gonna show you the various ways for the text to appear.

And you can actuallyinstantly preview them.

I kind of like that one with the little line and it pops out.

Or the one, what’s my other favorite, not that one, not that one, it comes from the side, comes pops up, that’s quite a good one.

It’s not bad like that.

So we’ll go like that and then we’ll say we’ll go out here and maybe over here, I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna finish with an image.

So Fitness, I’m gonna show you one Idid already a little bit ago and it’s super awesome.

Oh, that looks fun.

Okay, beatiful Women high fiving as they’re posing for their push ups.

Now, each video clip when you bring it in, it’s gonna have the ending text right here where you have sign up nowand you can add your logo or you can just go ahead and go like this, message me, now that would be fine ’cause let’s say you justdecided your call to action is there’s gonna be amessage button on this.

And for this, I don’t know, I might put like my @marismith right here.

I’m gonna do that in the highlight color.

Come on.

There it goes.

Something like that.


So, and let’s say I don’twant that right now.

And then I can shorten that up.

Now you’ve also got your transitions.

Oh, I haven’t let go, come on, let go.

Various different transitions,see, between each segment.

Sometimes I just like no transition.

I just want it to move speedily along.

And then I can go tomy watermark, come on, come on, oh there it goes.

So let’s say I want this.

I want to use, you’re gonna click on Use.

And let’s say I want mylogo up in the top left and then maybe, in this caseI probably won’t use this but this is where I wastelling you I’ve got, this is another watermark, it’s a call to action that just says visit marismith.


Okay, so that’s all that.

Now I’m going to go and let’s say, oh, I’ve done all that work but really I want it square.

So watch this, I’m gonna go in here and now I’m gonna actuallybe able to move this gal.

Oh, she’s not behaving.

Oh, because I’m stillin the watermark, duh, I have to go back to edit, silly me.

Edit, there she goes.

So I’m just gonna move her see ’cause she’s so big and sometimes you canactually reduce the size or increase or zoom the video.

I’m gonna put her like that and let’s see how these girls are doing.

I want to move them over like that.

Now then, I’m gonna go get some music and I want it to be howabout a catchy riffs.

It’s fun stuff.

And it does that, you might not to be able to hear it ’cause it’s gonna comeout and then through my, oh, let’s use that Guitar Funk Riffing.

So now what I like too is I can actually preview eachof the individual sections like that, each one when you click into it it’s got a play button or I can go here andpreview the whole thing.

Turn it up.

(guitar riffing) See that? Now I think, okay, this istoo long, it’s 6.

5 seconds.

So I might either add a bit more, I could add some second text or let me just put here, get fit today, I’m just gonna take that one off.

And you can drag and dropthese little text blocks or let’s say you’vetotally changed your mind and you want this part to be first.

You can grab that video blockand move it first, ta da.

Of course, I would dolike that but it could be.

I would start, actually,I would definitely start with the video clip first.

‘Cause it’s the movement, remember, the movementthat catches the eye.

If I’m making this for Instagramor ad Facebook of course which I mentioned for sure, then there you go.

(guitar riffing) Isn’t that fun? You say, oh, okay, it’sperfect, I love it, I’m done, publish, all you do is hit download video and it’ll take a littleminute and it’ll download and like I say, now if you’re like, gosh, I really want that,that turned out great.

Now I want it as a cover video.

Hold on, I gotta text Christopher and tell him to put the AC on.

I’m sitting here in a little sauna.

Can you put the AC on, please? Show must go on, right, ladies and gents? So it’s gonna take alittle second to render.

And while it’s doing that,I’m gonna go back over here and what else did I wantto show you real particular of some good things here? That’s really it.

It’s so easy.

You choose your video,your images, your audio, boom, boom, boom, so easy, choosing from what Wave offers, and/or, it could be a mixture ’cause something like that, I probably would’ve put in atleast a head shot of my own if that was for me andI’m a fitness trainer, I’m gonna finish up perhaps with a photo of myself and then some text, always the text overlaywith a call to action, really nicely done, great, great app.

And we went through that, what else did I have for you? Oh, just a summary, good, good and then I’ll see if youguys got any questions.

I’m gonna go back over here, it’s probably ready to download.

Oh, it’s still being rendered.

You know what, I didhave a super fun long.

It doesn’t take long,it doesn’t take long.

Where is that one I wanted to show you? It was so fun, so fun.

Okay, watch this one.

I should have downloaded it.

I was hoping to be able to play it right inside my app.

I’m using eCam Live by theway for this, eCam Live.

Oh I can, I can, I can.

I’m gonna play you this video.

I’m gonna play you this inside of the app so you’ll be able to hear it better.

Download, let’s go to my downloads.

This is, okay folks, warning, as you see on yourscreen now, enter to win, it’s a demo, it’s a demo.

I don’t really have a contestto win a cruise with me but I kind of got inspiredwhen I was making, I think maybe I will.

How fun is that? Okay, so I think I’m gonnatake my picture in picture, I’m gonna take my.

(tropical music) I think it was looping there.

But you got the idea, right? How cool is that? How cool is that? So let me show you justhow ridiculously easy that was to make and that was obviously a Facebook cover.

And I just searched for the word cruise and I found this lady on her, well, actually I found this beautiful, this one I searched fortropical beach, tropical beach and then I added this in.

Actually I think I did in the start.

See how I started out, you can see where the text block is, hopefully you can, it might be small on your screen but down here, you’ll see, I give it just a few seconds,just like one second, yeah, because the text is four seconds, the video is 5.

5 seconds.

You might not be able to see that.

But in other words, if I playthat, you’ll see what I mean.

See, you get the beachthen the text comes in.

It’s kind of fun.

So you can easily do that, position the text where you want and then this gal and then Ijust searched for cruise boat, for this one.

And then this was a different version of the gal with the big hat.

Fun, fun, I just hadso much fun with that.

I’m like, oh okay, alright, let’s create a squareversion of that, like I say, here we go.

We just move her where we want, maybe want to make the fontbigger, so on so forth, make that one bigger,different font, whatever.

This is, now we’re looking at, see the branding, the branding is default.

So this is actually not using my own brand but I could easily switch to it.

Oh, actually, I think I’min the demo app right here, yeah, ’cause this one, I had already made thisvideo in the test app.

But I could move that over and make that video where my branding is.

So I just put my own branding on it.

But yeah, no, you canjust go in each block, go ahead and switch it up.

Where’s my cruise boat? Make sure that’s front and center, pretty cool stuff.

Alright, so let’s do a quick summary and then see if you guys got questions.

First, test short videos.

Remember what Sheryl Sandbergsaid about Tropicana.

And the example was the six seconds, believe it or not, six seconds performed better than 15 seconds which is astounding to me, she called it snackable.

Now these are for your ads.

They’re not obviouslyfor your Facebook Lives, you can go much longer.

And actually, earlier this year was it, if my memory serves me correctly that Facebook came right out and said that they are favoring long video.

Oops, I just realized Ididn’t put my camera back on.

Come back camera, Overlays,Options, Picture in Picture.

There I am.

Facebook came right out and said that they’re favoring longer form videos.

Now what did that mean? At the time, longer meant90 seconds or longer because that’s the length that they’ll start to put ad breaks in.

So with Facebook Lives, I believe Sheryl saidyesterday four minutes, four or five minutes or longer with uploaded videos 90 seconds or longer.

So it’s both.

It’s not like you suddenly want to be trying to producenothing but six second videos, that’d be crazy but you want to experiment and do a little of both.

Short videos in square format, strong visuals, strong visuals, great, beautiful, powerful, your own footage, stock footage, obviously, if you want tocheck out the Wave video app, they have 2.

5 million ofthese beautiful visuals.

Now then, I put here, storyboard.

Now even if it’s just scribbled out on a scrap piece of paper, I want to do this, I want to do this or maybe you just get inspiration like I did with that beautiful cruise.

I think I’ll put it up asmy Facebook cover video, see if response we get.

People’ll be like, where’s your contest? I want to cruise with you.

Keep it short and simple, k-i-s-s, keep it short and simple.

So when you storyboard your message, I know what I’m like, I try to pack too much in and like no, you know what? We’re going simple, we wantone clear simple message is always better.

One clear simple message, clear simple call to action.

You can always do multiple videos.

And then obviously,this whole Facebook Live is brought to you bymyself and in partnership with my good friends over at Wave.

And you can check them out, quickly create professional videos.

And my little one, two, three, four steps that I just put together for you there and that’s it.

So this is actually avideo training series.

I’m going to be doing a second part, same time, same station, next week, Thursday 10 a.



I’ll put an announcement up.

I’ll let you all know.

Also Wave app are gonnabe putting these videos on one landing page so you can come backand look at all three.

What we’re gonna talk aboutnext is video distribution.

Where to publish your videos for maximum visibility.

I get questions around this a lot folks.

They’ll be like, “Oh, Ioptimized a video for Facebook.

“Now what do I do? “Do I put the exact same one on YouTube? “Is it too much “or do I put my YouTube videos on Facebook “or what about my Facebook Live? “Do I download them andthen put them on YouTube “or do I need to edit them first? “What about making clips for Instagram?” Things like that.

So that’s what we’re gonnatalk about a lot on part two is really distribution,where to publish your videos for maximum visibility.

Okay, friends? Outstanding.

Let’s see what questions you might have and we’ll do that.

Good deal.

Just before we go.

The AC’s kicked in, whew.

I can see them over there, oh okay, I’m seeing somegreat questions come in so this is beautiful.

Oh, you guys are awesome.

Okay, let me do this and then that.

Hi Kim, Kim Castle in the house.

Thank you so much.

I’m glad that you enjoyed.

Thanks for tuning in.

I know you’re a big Facebook Liver and a big video creator yourself.

Excuse me.

Taa, t-a-a, what a fun name Taa Vicrow, “Can you create,” whoops, I just jumped there, “can you create Wave videos on mobile?” It’s just for desktop.

They don’t have, as far as I know, I’ll have to double check but they only have desktop right now.

I know it’s funny ’cause I actually tried onmy browser this morning, I tried on my iPhone Safari this morning and it wouldn’t work.

So desktop for sure right now.

Herb, Herb Reeves, “Can these be used “to promote a Facebook group?” Sure, of course, absolutely, yeah.

James, “How can we getupdated for your weekly show?” Oh, you’re very kind, thanks for asking.

Good question, so long as you, well actually that’s areally good question.

So for right now, this is a three part series in conjunction with Wave as I say.

I’m gonna show you a little trick here that you should definitely do.

Share my desktop.

You want to go ahead and go to my page and go to the following, I’m pretty sure you cando this on mobile as well.

And then go to notifications.

You click on the little pencil and just get notified whenI’m doing my live post.

I don’t go live that often so you would get maybe threea week or something at most.

So this is pretty good.

So you’ll get, just check that.

And that’s a really good thing to do for all pages that youfollow and that you like to know when they’re going live.

Okay, friends? Let me just see for the heck of it if it’s possible to check that on, oh yeah, it is, okay, perfect, perfect.

I always like to show myphone if I can, why not.

Quicktime, where is my Quicktime? Quicktime, oh, I wonder if it would do it, yeah, it should do it even though we’re using that over there and we’re recording, I want it to be my, no,not me on camera again, my phone.

Oh not all my pictures,not my music, come on, always saving ads, no, I don’t want a newversion, blah, blah, blah.

Alright, so there youshould be able to see that.

Sharing everything on my screen today.

Here’s what I did, this is just in my regular app, I went to my friends overat Social Media Examiner.

This is how you sign up fornotifications on mobile.

Go to the following button, tap it, over here, you’re gonna haveGet Notifications set to be on and then you’re gonna haveEdit Notifications Settings and right here, you wantto tap All Live Posts.

Okay, friends? So that’s how you do it for mobile to get notified whenpeople are going live.

People always ask me, howare you sharing your phone? It’s just Quicktime, Quicktime.

Put that down there, stop sharing for now.

That was a great question.

Thank you so much for asking that one.

Herb, I think it was.

Thank you Cat, awesome.

Let’s see, Selma, “My question is do you recommend “using one video content strategy “to create multiple videosfor multiple platforms?” Oh, one product, multiple videos.

You know what’s a goodone to look at Selma, is actually that Tropicana.

It’s fruit juice, vegetable juice and they’re creative.

We can always look at and get inspiration from big brands that have big budgets, even though we’re usingsimple, affordable tools and maybe our own footage, our own photography with our iPhones, simple lighting.

You don’t need to spend a fortune.

But definitely, you could doone product, multiple videos, yeah, great question Selma.

Veronica, that is so kind of you to say.

I’m feeling a little disheveled here ’cause it got so hot.

It’s all good.

And it’s muggy too and San Diego’s not alwaysthat muggy but it is.

Thank you so much Muhammed.

Glad to have you here.

Thank you Loise, you guys are awesome.

Oh, thank you, Gwe, Gwe,that’s a fun name too, “What tool do you use to makesuch stunning live videos?” Today I’m using eCAm Live.

eCam Live, but I do have a new camera.

I used to just use my HD, actually I have it down herewith a little sticky on it.

Does anybody else do this, put a sticky note over your camera? This is just a Logitech HD.

This is great.

It’s a great little camera.

Oops, I don’t quite have it on the screen.

There you go.

That’s a Logitech HD 1080.

Excellent camera, Iused that one for years.

And then I just recentlyhave switched up to, that’s actually a Sony A6000.

Make sure it comes in focus.

If I kind of get myself out of the way it’ll focus on the background.

And then I have a ring light, I have two different lights here.

But thanks for saying, yeah,I really appreciate it.

It does make a difference.

Oh Kim, what a great question, she says, “Is there a storyboard tool you recommend?” Gosh, does anybody knowof a storyboard tool? Well, I mean the cool thing is, yeah I know I was saying, for me, I sometimes use just pen and paper, scribble it out, otherwise a mind map software is good, that’s how the mind works obviously, more of a mind map or I suppose Trello, youcould use something like that.

Yeah, thank you Ralph.

And Cama, what ring light do I use? I forget the name of it.

I think it’s Diva something.

I just got it on Amazon.

Yeah, Christina, great question here too, “Video should be suitedto the viewer experience “on different platforms, though, right?” She says, “Design content withthe user mindset in mind.

” Excellent point, Christina.

You hit it right on the head there because sometimes what we dois we’ll do a Facebook Live and then we’re like, okay,that’s fine for all platforms.

But really you want to keepthe message super concise for obviously Instagram’s only one minute.

But you could kind of chopit up or just repurpose.

Yeah, Kim, Trello, exactly.

I like Trello too but okay.

So my friends, I think we needto press the pause button.

We’ve been broadcasting for a little while and we’re complete on this part.

Now, it’s been lovelybeing with you as always.

Hey by the way, I don’t even mention but Wave is, let me goback over here and do this, I’ll go over and open upa new incognito window and bring up my Wave.

So that you can see the pricing.

You probably saw that already but there is free, there’s a free version.

So it shows that you cando monthly or annually, there’s a pro agency and ultimate.

If you are an agency, I mean this is really a great deal and you get all of these assets, 250,000 images and video clips.

Remember when I was showing you and some of them had the zero.

All the ones that had the red zero, those are the ones that are included.

Otherwise, they have a priceeach for the premium ones.

But there’s tons to choosefrom in the included ones.

Now then, but you can have a free, you can totally test it out for free.

It does have the Wave watermark on it and I think you’re limited to 10 megabytes, 10 megabytes size and then only a limited number of videos that you can download.

But it’s totally usable.

You can get in thereand really play with it and get a sense of if it’s something thatwould suit your needs and meet your needs and yeah, always a pleasureto serve you, my friends.




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