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Automatic subtitling with Transcription

Speech recognition is more topical than ever in post-production because the social media sector is longing for subtitling and because speech recognition enables and supports new workflows. Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy is a tool for this, which pursues a very interesting, new approach.

Digital Anarchy, Transcriptive, Premiere,
Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy.

Speech recognition, combined with automatic text generation, has become a major issue in post-production – perhaps even bigger than ever before. The driving forces behind this are new workflows at the front end of the production chain, in the processing of large quantities of material. At the back end, speech recognition was mostly about the often neglected archiving process, but now a lot more subtitles are needed, especially for social media videos.

Digital Anarchy, Transcriptive, Premiere
Speech recognition in combination with automatic text generation has become a major topic in postproduction.
So we are looking for tools that handle the “Speech-to-Text” process as accurately as possible, but also quickly, automatically and easily.

An interesting tool for this is the Transcriptive plug-in, a panel programmed by Digital Anarchy for Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

Transcriptive is designed to enable automated, intelligent transcribing of videos and at the same time open up new, text-based search functions within video material.

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Digital Anarchy, Transcriptive, Premiere, Screen
Transcriptive can be used via panel within Premiere.
You can also use the plug-in to synchronize existing text scripts with the video clips in which this text is spoken. This corresponds to the functionality of ScriptSync, as known from Avid products.

Transcriptive is a Premiere plug-in programmed by Digital Anarchy.
The plug-in ultimately builds the bridge to a cloud service: you select what you want in the Premiere panel, then the language is extracted, uploaded, processed in the cloud and after processing you can download the text file.

Once you have converted the language into text using Transcriptive, you can also use the text to search for corresponding words and phrases in the video. The text is timecode-accurately synchronized with the video. Of course, the text can also be edited and improved manually.

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