Promotional Video Sales Formula – Promo Video Script For Selling With Video

I’m going to show you an often-overlooked yet very easy to use promotional video that is almost guaranteed to boost sales in fact early this year I used is very formula to create a video for one of my clients and within the week it caused phones to ring like crazy with new hungry customers to discover what this promotional video is and how you can use it in your business just keep watching hi i’m steve from Mills emotional place to go to discover how to grow your business with online video just earlier this year i created a successful promotional video for a client that made sales increase by over two hundred percent in the first week that it was published and the best part is it was really easy to create and that’s why I’m sharing it here because it was so easy to create that anyone can use it.

This secret to creating a successful promotional videos is actually not what you might first think.

Usually when people think about creating a promotional video think about what camera do I have? or what fancy lighting should i use or what lenses do i need and how am I gonna edit it yes it’s nice having a nice camera and a nice set of lenses but that’s not what’s going to impress your customer and it’s not what it’s going to turn a visiter to your website into a paying customer that’s not what gets them excited about your product the most important thing that the thing that’s more important than what camera use and lenses and lights and editing softwares and all that kind of stuff the most important thing is how you sell your product specifically

what do you say and how you present your product in a way that will make your customers say yes that’s exactly what I need sign me out for you see the promotional video that i made for my client was actually just a product demo video the product demo video with a slight twist the slight twist that i use was to create my product demo video i actually started off by using a sales formula that has been proven across industries to convert prospects into paying customers whether you’re talking to him on the phone or in person in a letter or in video and it worked because doesn’t matter what medium we’re using ultimately we’re communicating with other human beings and when human beings and making a purchase decision they need to be given certain information and they need to feel a certain way about a product in order to say yeah

I’m gonna make a purchase that looks great so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna break down the 7 key points that will turn a boring all product demonstration video into a sales generating promotional video key point number one your video needs a strong hook whether you’re writing a sales letter someone or your to something with someone one-on-one you need a strong hook to give your viewer all your potential customer a reason to keep listening a reason to get invested in your hook is the first few seconds of your video and it’s when they click on the video and it’s not playing and this is where your viewer decides whether or not they’re going to keep watching so the secret to creating a really easy yet really effective hook is to use a have to phrase you don’t have to use a happy phrase but it’s a really easy way to create a quick hook that time that expresses the benefit to the viewer if they continue watching the video so in the product promotion video that I created and I was creating it for a product the automotive industry and the how-to was simply how to do successful repairs data that so from the moment of you started watching the video I knew they continued watching they would get the benefit of this new knowledge on how to create a certain repair okay so now we’ve got a strong hook the next step is to follow that hook with some context as to who you are and why you’re an authority on this topic this qualifies that if they keep watching your reliable person to get this information from so in the video for my client we started off with their how to achieve a certain repair on these automotive parts and then the following section was we’ve been in this industry for over 35 years and we’ve consulted with X number of customers so just in the first 20 or 30 seconds of the video viewer is now invested in what we’ve got to say they’re anticipating some benefit and they know that we’re an authority on the topic so this next step is the most important step and is the one that is most often overlooked and that is to identify the pain or problem that your product solves and to explain that in detail is usually when someone is creating a product demo video or promotional video most of us tend to like to cisco straining the talking about how awesome our product is and all this wonderful features and whatnot but our viewers completely zone out because we’re not talking about them with only minor product and why do they care why do they care about their product and less we can show them that our product souls they’re burning pain and problems so that’s why step number three is to identify the burning pain or problem that your product will solve we’re going to talk about their product did we identify the problem just the problem so this point in the video that I created my client we jump straight into talking about the difficulty that most automotive repairs have doing a certain type of repair step 4 introduce your solution you see by this point you’ve just introduced all this pain and you’ve got your viewer thinking about this annoying pain and problem and white so serious and now’s your chance to introduce your solution and by introducing the solution suddenly this solution your product or your service looks amazing to your viewer because you’ve given it context by illuminating the painter problem Step five is where you show the promised results for using your product or service and this is where you paint a mental picture of what it would be like to own your product so this is where you can show your product in action and show it actually solving your customers problem step 6 this is your chance to cell and spread your product here is where you list all the mouth-watering features and benefits that your product or service can offer the end-user the best results with this section use song what statements or at least use that in your head to help better describe the features and benefits a lot of products have amazing features which are just explain really terribly with the video that I created for my client you had some really cool features but just listing them wasn’t really going to excite animes the interviewer what we did was we listed them and then we asked ourselves so what why is that feature so valuable to the end-user so one of the features was the product that we supply came to the training giving so what if the viewers watching that Nikki comes in the training DVD so what why is that valuable to take the time to actually explain why that’s available so we used to fry’s something like it comes with the training DVD so that your whole team can learn how to use this product and get amazing results instantly suddenly a boring all training DVD becomes an amazing feature benefit for the end-user take the time to actually explain why these features are so valuable take your time on this section give your every opportunity to rationalize the purchase in their own head and give them permission to get excited step number seven the call to action don’t forget to have a strong call-to-action now a strong call-to-action lays out the specific steps that have you will need to take in order to make a purchase and be specific you really want making a purchase to be as quick and easy as possible for the viewer to do right now that they’re thinking about and that’s it those are the seven steps and I used to create a really successful promotional video for one of my clients the best part is it doesn’t matter what equipment you’ve got no matter what camera you’ve got what lenders lots of what your voice sounds like if you’ve got an iphone the hell do just fine the most important thing is how you sell your product in the video and then everything else is a mere triviality so in short the main goal is to show that your products on a specific burning pain or problem that the value exchange is totally worth it and that your view should take action right now and seriously this could all be done using your iphone that’s all that you have available now to make it even easier i put all these steps into a PDF you can download for free over at Mills motion dot-com /a sales video now in that period i’ve also included an extra five sales motivators that can be added to your video really easily these sales motivators make your viewer war to take action instantly when you see what their you’ll be amazed by help easily have to use yet how effective they could actually be so to download that pedia it over mills motion dot-com fold / sales video and there you’ll be able to download that video completely free have appreciated this video be sure to like and subscribe and if you have any questions thrown in the comments section below I’ve read all of them i’m super mills motion thank you so much for watching.

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